Local Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Need help with your bookkeeping? Pacific Tax and Financial Group is ready to help keep your small business on track.
Every business, large or small, needs professional bookkeeping, and not just as preparation for taxes. Without properly set-up books you don’t really know how your company is doing financially. It’s like driving around without GPS, maps, or even a gas gauge. Knowing the numbers month by month is often the difference between profits and losses. You’re probably painfully aware that owning a business (or being an experienced administrative assistant or office manager) doesn’t make you an instant bookkeeping expert.
Pacific Tax has been providing personalized services to companies for over 25 years. We’re a small business too, and provide expert services specific to your situation.

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Why Hire a Bookkeeping Service?

Don’t think of keeping the books as an annoying have-to or unwanted expense — properly done it’s an important tool that shouldn’t be neglected.  It can uncover opportunities for growth and increased profits, and discover risks that if ignored could lead to disaster.  Doing it yourself is not only a big time sink, but also a big risk.  Even if you have great software, using it still takes time and without expertise concerning your particular company you’ll receive minimal benefit from all that time and effort.  Very few owners enjoy keeping the books;  managing and growing the business is a far better use of their time.  So what do you do when your company is too small to justify hiring even a part time bookkeeper?

Hiring an outside bookkeeping service is surprisingly affordable, and your records are always up to date.  You’ll know what’s happening now, not months ago, be able to head off problems and take advantage of opportunities.  You’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything’s getting done properly, while also providing the exact info you need steer your budget and plan for growth.  A system created specifically for your company also helps in avoiding overpaying taxes as well as the penalties of underpaying, foreseeing cash-flow problems, detecting fraud, and more.  With Pacific Tax as your outside bookkeeper there will be no more crunches at the end of the quarter and at tax time.

Why Choose Pacific Tax and Financial Group’s Bookkeeping Services?

You’ll benefit from our decades of experience and personalized services.  Each small business is different.  We’ll put together a customized package of the critical and most beneficial services for your type of company and stage of growth as well as your personal and financial objectives.  Those services may include any of the following.

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  • set up books to meet your company’s specific needs
  • accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • account reconciliation
  • financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, general ledger)
  • bank reconciliations
  • sales and use tax returns
  • custom reports
  • data entry
  • invoicing
  • sales receipts
  • monthly statements
  • year-end reporting

All work will be done by the same bookkeeper for a close business relationship and a deep understanding of your company and its history.  Your data will be organized and summarized for your internal analysis and planning as well as for reports to your tax preparer, CPA, and stakeholders.

We’ll keep it simple and affordable, and help you steer the right course.

You’ll have an important item off your plate, yet be confident and secure in knowing that your books are being maintained in a confidential, accurate, and timely manner.  After we’ve spent a little time with you and established your bookkeeping system, just send check stubs along with bank and credit card statements and we’ll take it from there.