How to Choose a Financial Planner

Many people are aware of tax preparation services, but some of our clients are not aware of our investment planning services. Our office has been offering financial advising since 1998. We also are licensed to sell life insurance and long term care insurance.

Choosing a financial planner as your team member is an important decision. Here are some factors to take into consideration when making that decision.

1) Do you have a trusting relationship with that person.

2) Does the financial planner clearly explain what the recommendations are

3) What type of financial planning services does the office offer

4) How is the financial planner compensated and what costs are involved

5) What is their investment and decision making process

6) How accessible is the financial advisor for future questions and planning meetings

7) Will the financial planner be working for you in the future or do they rotate from company to company

We have the answers for you. Just call and ask and we can work on a relationship and a plan for you