Do You Need A Tax Appeal?

It is easy to become anxious when you have a disagreement with the IRS.  It could seem like you are under a squeeze that is impossible to escape from.  If you are in this situation, there is no need to panic.  Our team of Enrolled Agents and CPA’s have decades of experience in representing clients before the IRS.  Below are some of the main procedures that are required to properly appeal a tax decision to the IRS. Point of Contant: The IRS ... Read more

Sweepstakes Drawing

As we close the books on another April 15th tax filing deadline, we want to extend our thanks for the opportunity to serve you. Whether this was your first tax year with us or your 30th year, your continued support of our business is greatly appreciated. The Pacific Tax & Financial Group new client Ipad drawing was a success. Enrique and Lynda Lastrilla won the grand prize of $600 for a purchase of an Ipad or whatever they want to spend the money on. Nuala Early was the ... Read more

Best Tax Tips For The Self-Employed

When you are self-employed, you are used to wearing a number of hats.  While doing so, it is easy to get behind on taxes or at least misunderstand newer tax laws.  At Pacific Tax & Financial Group we have a number of self-employed clients.  Helping them to navigate tax laws and understand how to make the most of their tax situation is a service we’ve provided for more than the past 20 years.   While there are several advantages to being self-employed, managing ... Read more

Small Business Accounting Services

Although your business may be small, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t unique. Cookie cutter approaches to accounting may work for the basic concepts of business, but those won’t work if you’re trying to reach the next level. Accounting software is beneficial for basic business finances, but an accounting service is best for complex issues and financial planning. If you are looking for the best small business accounting service in San Marcos, look no further! Pacific Tax & Financial Group has an ... Read more